Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Lab C Wheelchair Polo

Teaching wheel chair polo was a difficult task to take on. It's not a common day sport you would teach in a physical education setting which made it fun, yet challenging. My partner and I planned for hours, trying to make our lesson plan the best it could be. After our lesson was over, i have realized a lot about my teaching. For starters I talked way to much in the beginning. It was important to go over the rules, and guidlines of the class, but i spend to much time with mangement according to my time-coding form. I have learnt that it is important to mention them, but not every single one. It is better to just make mention of the important ones that pertrain to the lesson. I also never knew how many times i said so until i did my transcript. Almost after every sentence i would say so. When im teaching i need to pay attention to what i am saying and also, who i am talking to. There were a bunch of times that i was talking to people and didn't use their names. Using their names would make it more clear and specific to the students. I thought overall the lesson was difficult to split with someone. At times i figured it would be easier by myself because then you can judge the class better. Althought for behavior reasons it was easier to have two people.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Ultimate Frisbee?? HUH!?!?!

Okay Class were going to teach a whole entire lesson on Ultimate Frisbee....we are going to split it up in pieces and each person in class will teach the nect progression. (This is was Dr. Yang stated in class) WHAT!! This is what went through my mind. Im mean i have played Ultimate before but never taught it. Boy did i have my work cut out for me. I was to teach how to recieve the pull and game play from there. I needed to do my reasearch on Ultimate and the tricks to the trade. After reaseaching the material and going over what i was going to teach i felt confident in my lesson. I learnt that just because you haven't taught something before doesn't mean you should freak out as a teacher. Research was essential for me and i learned that as a PE teacher you aren't going to know everything forwards and backwards but will a little hard work you'll be just fine....

Lab D Body Ball on Ice

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Exploring Physical Education....make your mark

AY MATES! In class we went on a explorative scavenger hunt, exporing PER. We discovered new things suchs as people, statues, places, or important sports complex's. It was fun, we laughed, and enjoyed the activity at hand, yet little did we know that we were learning way more than we bargined for. My favortie part of the activity was singing to the Pool side people. It was fun and entertaining and really made us laugh and took us out of our element. The lesson showed that their are different ways to make kids active and take their mind off the fact that they are sweating and running. We were so preoccupied with winning and the cues, that we didn't even realize how much of a workout we were getting. This helps me in my own career because i would love to do activity's that take the students minds off of the physical part, and focus more on the fan part. In the end the children benfit not only because their active but also because they are having fun. I thought that as far as interdisicplinary teaching it would not be effective with high school or younger kids. Giving them the freedomt to run around the buliding would not be a good choice because people would leave class, or do things that they shouldn't be. It's way to risky, to take the chance of behavior problems. I thought overall the activity kept us active and was fun, but not realistic to do with students.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Morrison Cup...and the winner is.....(Lab D)

After countless hours of thinking, ideas flowing, and lots of panicking, i finally feel some relief. Finding out that not only was i going to teach lab D first, but i had to teach it on the ice, raised my blood pressure just a bit. I searched and searched what i was going to teach, and how. After careful review of my prior student teaching experience i realized that i had to step up my activity time and stop talking so much. I finally found a you tube video on body ball. I watched it, i liked it, so i changed it to fit my lesson plan on the ice. It's a game where it involves a lot of passing, and once you catch the ball you can't move you must immediately pass the ball to another player. The game ball has Velcro wrap around and on each side of the rink, each team had a goalie that wore an apron (that i bought from Walmartmy self, and glued Velcro too) that their teammates were to throw the ball, and have the ball stick to the apron for it to count as a goal! This time around i knew i would let the students have more fun and stop talking so much! I knew this because of my time-coding form. So because of this weekends event the cortica jug, i decided to have our own jug called the MORRISON CUP! i decorated a cup that said morrison cup on it and filled it with candy for the winning team. I showed them the video on youtube, told them safety rules, classroom rules, and off we went to playing the game on the ice! It was perfect people generally stopped worrying about ice skating and focused more on playing the game. Therefore their systems just took over and people began to ice skate a lot better because they were having fun and laughing! It was so nice to see everyone smiling and having fun! Every once and a while i changed the rules of the game. For example you could only throw with your non-dominate hand, or around your back. I thought in this instance all the students were the winners because they learned how to ice skate, how to be a team player, accuracy, throwing, all in one, and still had an awesome time!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Steering the ship to safety

To begin, all of you out there that think teaching is easy let me tell you, "YOUR WRONG." Teaching gives you a lot of responsibility. You are responsible for the safety of the children, or students you are with. You are responsible for maintaining a safe enviorment. Which in it's self is a broad category. Making sure no fights happen, that no one gets hurt, no one is out of control, no one skipps or leave class, or puts others in danger. It can get very overwhleming and very hetic. Sometimes i feel like i can't do it, but then i take a deep breathe and focus myself, and take learning how to teach one step at a time. This week teaching was a good experience for me. After analyzing all the data. I realized i talk to much. I mean i can't help it I am Italian. But i know i need to minimize the amount of time i spend talking and giving directions, and allowing the students to play and learn. My activity time was good, but my intruction time was way over what it should have been. This was a huge huge opener for me. I also think i get very nervous and i repeat the word "SO" alot. Like realy alot. That needs to for next time (just kidding) im going to focus on not saying so all the time. In addition i want to have alot of activity time because thats when students learn the most!


Activity Activity, STOP TALKING SO MUCH!!


This video outlines the new technology that is being incorporated into PE class!


A big part of productive physical education class is making it a fun enviroment that children can play in and learn!!


This is a video on a fun game called body ball!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A whole new world....and it's no Disney fairy tale

"WE WILL WE WILL TEACH YOU!!" we shouted as we stomped to the beat of the song, into this strange new world. Here, i had just walked into a storm that i didn't even knew existed. It was the SUNY Cortland mini-conference. Attending this conference opened my eyes as a student. At first it was very intimidating to look up into the stands and see all these people just staring at you. The range was wide, from professors, to principles, to already established PE teachers, or students trying to become PE teachers. We introduced ourselves and just like seasoned PE teachers we right into an ice breaker for our instant activity. Mix, mix, mingle, migle. It was a fun game to get the butterflies out and get on your horse and meet people. So through the crowd i went shaking peoples hand, firmly of corse. A firm hand shake is a direction corrollation to you as a person, even more so as professional. Making eye contanct with every person I shook hands with, but now looking back i can't even remeber their faces. Yet, in contrast i do remember their hand shake. It was something that opened my eyes. It was intriguing to see how shy, and lack of confiendence some people have. Proud of my major and my aspirations to be a teacher i continued on with my jounrny in this new world. Now, sitting in the stand listening to the keynote, i started to feel my stomach drop. This man that stood before me was voted the best teacher by Walt Disney! I coudln't believe that everything i wanted to be, the replica was standing their talking about his experience in this field. He stories were touching and put me on an emotional rollercoaster. It made me think about my life and the things i take for granted. Especially the part about being a candle lighter not blowing out other people's candle's. I want to be a candle lighter. I want to help children become more successful in sports, and build their confidence, in hopes to make their life a litter brighter. This conference taught me alot about myself...especially who i want to be...

Friday, September 12, 2008

A horror movie with no popcorn......

I sat down at my computer, and i hade no clue what i was about to watch. I clicked on the chapter that i was to watch myself teaching. As the clip ran i realized i was watching a horror movie! But this horror movie didn't allow me to enjoy it with a bag of popcorn, but instead with lots of regrets and realizing how much work i need. I was like a old rusty kettle that needs some oiling. I guess at first we don't realize how much better we can be. Viewing my self, gave me a big time wake up call. I need to maximize the amount of activity time in my lesson. Having kids stand around in line just is not cool, and no fun for the students. I have to think back to when i was in PE classes and the things that made me loose intrest in what the teaching way saying. Like lecturing on, and on, when all we wanted to do was just play, laugh, and most importantly beat the boys!!! Just playing....but fun is a big part of kids learning, and i really need to start allowing my class to have more fun...