Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Lab C Wheelchair Polo

Teaching wheel chair polo was a difficult task to take on. It's not a common day sport you would teach in a physical education setting which made it fun, yet challenging. My partner and I planned for hours, trying to make our lesson plan the best it could be. After our lesson was over, i have realized a lot about my teaching. For starters I talked way to much in the beginning. It was important to go over the rules, and guidlines of the class, but i spend to much time with mangement according to my time-coding form. I have learnt that it is important to mention them, but not every single one. It is better to just make mention of the important ones that pertrain to the lesson. I also never knew how many times i said so until i did my transcript. Almost after every sentence i would say so. When im teaching i need to pay attention to what i am saying and also, who i am talking to. There were a bunch of times that i was talking to people and didn't use their names. Using their names would make it more clear and specific to the students. I thought overall the lesson was difficult to split with someone. At times i figured it would be easier by myself because then you can judge the class better. Althought for behavior reasons it was easier to have two people.

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