Thursday, November 13, 2008

Exploring Physical Education....make your mark

AY MATES! In class we went on a explorative scavenger hunt, exporing PER. We discovered new things suchs as people, statues, places, or important sports complex's. It was fun, we laughed, and enjoyed the activity at hand, yet little did we know that we were learning way more than we bargined for. My favortie part of the activity was singing to the Pool side people. It was fun and entertaining and really made us laugh and took us out of our element. The lesson showed that their are different ways to make kids active and take their mind off the fact that they are sweating and running. We were so preoccupied with winning and the cues, that we didn't even realize how much of a workout we were getting. This helps me in my own career because i would love to do activity's that take the students minds off of the physical part, and focus more on the fan part. In the end the children benfit not only because their active but also because they are having fun. I thought that as far as interdisicplinary teaching it would not be effective with high school or younger kids. Giving them the freedomt to run around the buliding would not be a good choice because people would leave class, or do things that they shouldn't be. It's way to risky, to take the chance of behavior problems. I thought overall the activity kept us active and was fun, but not realistic to do with students.

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