Thursday, November 6, 2008

Steering the ship to safety

To begin, all of you out there that think teaching is easy let me tell you, "YOUR WRONG." Teaching gives you a lot of responsibility. You are responsible for the safety of the children, or students you are with. You are responsible for maintaining a safe enviorment. Which in it's self is a broad category. Making sure no fights happen, that no one gets hurt, no one is out of control, no one skipps or leave class, or puts others in danger. It can get very overwhleming and very hetic. Sometimes i feel like i can't do it, but then i take a deep breathe and focus myself, and take learning how to teach one step at a time. This week teaching was a good experience for me. After analyzing all the data. I realized i talk to much. I mean i can't help it I am Italian. But i know i need to minimize the amount of time i spend talking and giving directions, and allowing the students to play and learn. My activity time was good, but my intruction time was way over what it should have been. This was a huge huge opener for me. I also think i get very nervous and i repeat the word "SO" alot. Like realy alot. That needs to for next time (just kidding) im going to focus on not saying so all the time. In addition i want to have alot of activity time because thats when students learn the most!

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