Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A whole new world....and it's no Disney fairy tale

"WE WILL WE WILL TEACH YOU!!" we shouted as we stomped to the beat of the song, into this strange new world. Here, i had just walked into a storm that i didn't even knew existed. It was the SUNY Cortland mini-conference. Attending this conference opened my eyes as a student. At first it was very intimidating to look up into the stands and see all these people just staring at you. The range was wide, from professors, to principles, to already established PE teachers, or students trying to become PE teachers. We introduced ourselves and just like seasoned PE teachers we right into an ice breaker for our instant activity. Mix, mix, mingle, migle. It was a fun game to get the butterflies out and get on your horse and meet people. So through the crowd i went shaking peoples hand, firmly of corse. A firm hand shake is a direction corrollation to you as a person, even more so as professional. Making eye contanct with every person I shook hands with, but now looking back i can't even remeber their faces. Yet, in contrast i do remember their hand shake. It was something that opened my eyes. It was intriguing to see how shy, and lack of confiendence some people have. Proud of my major and my aspirations to be a teacher i continued on with my jounrny in this new world. Now, sitting in the stand listening to the keynote, i started to feel my stomach drop. This man that stood before me was voted the best teacher by Walt Disney! I coudln't believe that everything i wanted to be, the replica was standing their talking about his experience in this field. He stories were touching and put me on an emotional rollercoaster. It made me think about my life and the things i take for granted. Especially the part about being a candle lighter not blowing out other people's candle's. I want to be a candle lighter. I want to help children become more successful in sports, and build their confidence, in hopes to make their life a litter brighter. This conference taught me alot about myself...especially who i want to be...

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