Monday, November 10, 2008

Morrison Cup...and the winner is.....(Lab D)

After countless hours of thinking, ideas flowing, and lots of panicking, i finally feel some relief. Finding out that not only was i going to teach lab D first, but i had to teach it on the ice, raised my blood pressure just a bit. I searched and searched what i was going to teach, and how. After careful review of my prior student teaching experience i realized that i had to step up my activity time and stop talking so much. I finally found a you tube video on body ball. I watched it, i liked it, so i changed it to fit my lesson plan on the ice. It's a game where it involves a lot of passing, and once you catch the ball you can't move you must immediately pass the ball to another player. The game ball has Velcro wrap around and on each side of the rink, each team had a goalie that wore an apron (that i bought from Walmartmy self, and glued Velcro too) that their teammates were to throw the ball, and have the ball stick to the apron for it to count as a goal! This time around i knew i would let the students have more fun and stop talking so much! I knew this because of my time-coding form. So because of this weekends event the cortica jug, i decided to have our own jug called the MORRISON CUP! i decorated a cup that said morrison cup on it and filled it with candy for the winning team. I showed them the video on youtube, told them safety rules, classroom rules, and off we went to playing the game on the ice! It was perfect people generally stopped worrying about ice skating and focused more on playing the game. Therefore their systems just took over and people began to ice skate a lot better because they were having fun and laughing! It was so nice to see everyone smiling and having fun! Every once and a while i changed the rules of the game. For example you could only throw with your non-dominate hand, or around your back. I thought in this instance all the students were the winners because they learned how to ice skate, how to be a team player, accuracy, throwing, all in one, and still had an awesome time!

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